Get started with signals


Open a trading account with a broker

To subscribe to our signals you will need to open a trading account with a regulated broker.

Although we use HotForex as our preferred broker, there are hundreds out there for you to choose from. You are welcome to use any other broker; however, you should ensure that their trading accounts support signal subscriptions and always do your research to ensure that they are regulated.

It is important to keep the following in mind:

  • Ensure the type of account is capable of subscribing to signals
  • Ensure you invest at least the recommended amount as indicated in our signals’ description
  • Leverage:  1:400
  • Introducing Broker ID: 50200

Click here to open an account with HotForex.


Sign Up To Receive Spread Rebates

With every trade that you open you pay a small fee called the spread (this is the difference between the ask and the bid prices).

By registering for spread rebates you can earn back a portion of these fees regardless of whether or not your trade was profitable.

Open an FxRebates account here.

Select your preferred Signal Platform


No membership fees

Signal subscription: $20 / month

Server is required: $10 / month

Software installation required

Estimated time needed: 20 minutes

Membership fee: $25 / month

Signal subscription: $30 / month

No server is required

No software installation required

Estimated time needed: 5 minutes